Zach Wade’s Vision of Molding a Modern-Day Employment Landscape

Having just one job seems almost outdated in today’s era of gig economies and evolving workplace norms. Think about it – the gig economy is booming, freelancers are sprouting like never before, and remote work? It’s not just a trend; it’s the new norm. A recent survey indicates over 4.7 million Americans work remotely at least 50% of the time. According to Forbes, an overwhelming 98% of employees want to work remotely at least some of the time. With the changing workplace dynamics comes a groundbreaking approach to employment, job stacking, and its foremost advocate, Zach Wade.

The CEO and Founder of Wade Marketing, Wade brings firsthand experience. Before his 8 years in the tumultuous waters of the digital marketing industry, Wade dabbled in various industries. While this ultimately led to his stay in digital marketing, he realized that job stacking multiple in-house marketing positions offered the compensation he sought.

For employees, it’s a maze. They grapple with agencies that sometimes deny fair pay, the looming cloud of job insecurity, and an environment ripe for overworking. As a victim of the former, Wade sought out in-house digital marketing positions; eventually, this led to him taking on a few more positions concurrently. At a time when many 21-year-olds were navigating the intricacies of adulthood, Wade had a different challenge on his plate. He was juggling not one, not two, but five full-time jobs and making upwards of $375K! You’d expect that to overwhelm him, but as he puts it, job stacking saved his life.

“Even though I was good at my first job, I felt anxious that I could get fired, and so I was constantly stressed that I could lose the income that provided me security,” he reflects. “Once I stacked on my second job, I instantly felt this huge weight lift off my shoulders as it made me feel so much more secure knowing I had another income stream to rely on.”

Job stacking didn’t just improve Wade’s financial health. The diversified roles gave him complete control, consistency, and security. “Job stacking improved every single aspect of my life,” Wade reiterates. “It allowed me to travel, improve my relationships with family and friends, and experience new adventures. I even got to try tons of new foods!”

Most importantly, job stacking birthed Wade Marketing, which is already redefining the business landscape. “It’s not just about creating another agency,” he explains. “I wanted to build an agency that treated its employees fairly and paid based on performance over time. Show up, give your best, and watch your rewards grow.”

Wade quickly points out that job stacking is neither a new-age fad nor an unethical practice. “Historically, people have always had multiple roles. Remote work makes this a whole lot easier,” he notes. Of course, like other endeavors, job stacking comes with risks, chief among them being burnout. Wade believes passion is the antidote. “The more you love what you do, the less likely you’ll burn out,” he maintains. 

Wade has big dreams for his community. “My goal is to have a job stacker in our community from every country. We will be bringing this community together every year and continue to cultivate the New Age employees across the global digital landscape.”